Finlayson Factory Area, Tampere, Finland


Location: Tampere, Finland

Year: 1988 - 1998

Size: 115 000 m2

Programme: Rebuild and renovation of building stock




Preparation of the master plan for the Finlayson area began in 1986. In June 1988 an ideas competition was launched, the aim of which was to find a basis on which to begin drafting master plan work. The plans for the reuse of the area came as a time when the older building stock was technically – and because of its location – unsuitable for modern machining processes. Such developments led to massive industrial decline within the area, and subsequently led to the need for massive regenerations. At the same time, Finlayson’s asset portfolio was transferred to Tampere Real Estate Investments Oy who, in conjunction with the City of Tampere, set about organising an ideas competition for the area.


The draft schedule for the area contains layout of provisions, building history reports, structural studies and an attached master plan. Substructure design was also made at a building design level. The work also involved in depth analysis of transport arrangements and structural possibilities, put together with experts within the relevant fields.


The master plan defines the structure of the area and its cohesion with the city’s urban structure and existing transport networks. Conservation of the old building stock in the area, as well as guidelines for the future of new construction and floor area goals are a core aspect of the master plan. Construction limits, building heights, parking and provision of activities within the area are also key components of the design.