Open architectural design competition Kuopion soiva ja sykkivä sydän (sounding and pulsating heart of Kuopio), 2016 - 17

“Kumuko” is based on Kuopio’s grid plan. The basic idea is to create a core area with a face that highlights the perpetual change of urban environment.


All blocks have places, characteristic of their functions, for music, dance, recreation and learning. The different sectors of the core area are connected in many ways. The square where the routes meet and the lobby underneath it, uniting the entire core, enable people to meet, socialise and play music.


The modernity of the hotel and multi-purpose hall embraces the music centre, the contours of the aparthotel and the residential block mirror the face of the city centre, while the music and knowledge incubator Lumit, being timber-structured, relates to the old centre of Kuopio.


The elevated multi-functional hall with its glistening glass facades is a cityscape theme and a sophisticated landmark, visible far to the south and in the lake scenery.


Gross floor area 34 600 m2